Six people were injured after an SUV slammed into the Finkelstein Library in Spring Valley.  One of the injured was a 15 year old girl who was pinned under the car.

Authorities say crews used airbags to lift the vehicle off the girl. 

This happened around 7:45 last night with at least 50 people inside the library. 

The driver of the Toyota RAV4 told authorities he lost control of the vehicle because of a mechanical problem.

"What the driver is saying is that he believes a recall on the car may have had something to do with this as far as the mechanical failure on the vehicle," Lt. Jack Bosworth told the Journal News.  "We're going to look at all aspects of that."

It's unclear how fast the car was going.

The Finkelstein Library is closed today, but officials hope to reopen it tomorrow.


Source:  The Journal News

Photo Credit: Getty Images