(John Del Signore) A transgender woman who was brutally beaten in Harlem on Saturday night succumbed to her injuries yesterday in Harlem Hospital. Islan Nettles, 21, was with her friend, another transgender woman, when she was beaten by a group of men during an argument around 11 p.m. on Saturday. Police sources tell NY1 "the argument took place after the suspect learned that Nettles was not born a female."

Nettles had been in a coma since shortly after the assault, which happened near West 148th Street near 8th Avenue—and directly across the street from the housing bureau's Police Service Area 6 precinct, DNAinfo reports. Her friend told investigators the suspect yelled anti-gay remarks during the beating.

The NYPD press office told us a suspect has been arrested and charged with assault, and more information will be released later this morning. The Manhattan DA's office did not immediately respond to an inquiry about possible hate crime charges.

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Photo: carl ballou/Shutterstock