The Mets are now five full weeks into the 2014 season and – much to the surprise of many of the team's critics – are now sitting at respectable 16-15 in what has been an admittedly mediocre National League East. It’s worth pointing out that, despite some average division play, the NL East remains the only division in baseball where every team can boast a record that is above .500.

Yes, 16-15 isn’t exactly a championship record, but considering the schedule to date (and the Mets anemic offense thus far) it’s a record that is far more impressive than it might seem at first blush.

Consider the teams that the Mets have already faced: the Nationals, Reds, Braves, Angels, Cardinals and Rockies. Not exactly a slate of opponents one is eager to face, especially starting a season with low expectations. Throw in the fact that the Mets enjoy a marginal winning record despite having the 28th best  batting average, 23rd on-base percentage and 29th in slugging percentage, and this season definitely could have started a lot worse.

While the bullpen certainly has had its ups and downs, the starting pitching has been nothing short of amazing throughout the first five weeks. Throw away the first three games in Colorado and the Mets starting pitching has been just as good as anyone else's in the league.

Given a complete picture of the Mets 2014 season to date, a promising team is actually not that far off. With their above-average pitching, they are a couple of good bats away from being a competitive team in the National League. For now, we are left with a team that has been inconsistent at a game over the .500 mark, but remember it could have been a lot worse, and it may could even get much better. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images