A video posted on YouTube this week shows an altercation that occurred aboard a Queens-bound F train on Sunday night following New York City's Gay Pride Parade. The video alleges that two of the men involved in the altercation made homophobic comments, threatened and assaulted a group of passengers along with the woman taking the video.

In the description on the YouTube video page, "Stopp Hating" says:

"When a group of queer youth got on the train, the men proceeded to harass them, stating that the teens made them want to puke and that they would be killed if they were in Iran. The first assailant then threatened to rape them, at which point I took out my phone to document the incident."

The YouTube description continues by saying:

"Seeing that he was being recorded, the first assailant lunged at me, violently grabbing my arms while trying to steal away my phone. One of the youth took the phone from me temporarily to protect it and told the assailant he shouldn't attack a woman. When the assailant threatened to punch me, I took the phone back and ran to the other side of the train to push the emergency button and alert the authorities. At this point the second assailant got up and came towards me, grabbing my body and hands to try and get the phone to destroy the evidence."

You can watch the video below. Warning: NSFW - Graphic Language

Photo Credit: Getty Images