(John Del Signore) Investigators are still trying to figure out who opened fire and shot a rookie copoutside the Cypress Hills Houses on the evening of July 4th. Officer Jamil Sarwar survived the shooting—he took a bullet to the leg—and is in stable condition. Immediately following the shooting, the housing project was flooded with police searching for the gunman, and two men were brought in for questioning, but no arrests have been made. To assist the investigation, the NYPD has now released these surveillance videos showing "persons of interest sought for questioning."

The videos were taken minutes apart by security cameras at two separate locations in the Cypress Hills Houses. The first one shows a man running out of 485 Fountain Avenue and through the courtyard. This building is located near the building where officer Sarwar and his partner were fired upon while responding to a police call about gunfire.

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Photo: Anton Prado PHOTO/Shutterstock