In a video posted on YouTube Tuesday by cyclist Rafael Huerta, viewers witness a confrontation between Huerta and a Hasidic Jewish man on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The eight minute long video is shot from Huerta's bike camera and shows the entire confrontation.

By the video, it seems like the man may have hit Huerta while he rode his bicycle on the street. In turn, it looks like Huerta tapped the man's minivan. Huerta passed the minivan on the street and rode in front of him before the driver pulled his minivan in front of Huerta and blocked him from moving.

A confrontation ensued (which is all caught on camera) where the man blocked traffic and prevented Huerta from leaving. A passerby stopped and helped Huerta bypass the driver, but not before a crowd surrounded them.

You can watch the entire video below. WARNING: NSFW - The video contains some foul language.

Photo Credit: YouTube