Will August 1, 2013 become a historic day in MLB history? If reports are true, Alex Rodriguez's fate could be decided today or tomorrow as MLB officials try to work out a deal with the Yankees slugger. The New York Daily News reports that the 8 other players involved in the Biogenesis clinic investigations have been offered 50-game suspensions. Now, it's time to learn if A-Rod will ever play another major league game.

According to a source with the Daily News, the 50-game suspensions offered to the 8 other players were lesser penalties than MLB could have sought with the evidence they compiled. MLB is hoping that a 50-game suspension, if implemented by Sunday, will convince the 8 players to accept the punishment because they will still be available to play in the 2013 postseason.

For A-Rod, however, it seems as though MLB is hoping that the once sure-fire Hall-of-Famer never plays another game.  The Daily News reports that MLB has compiled an overwhelming amount of evidence linking A-Rod to the Biogenesis clinic and evidence showing that he interfered with the league's investigation by trying to purchase incriminating documents. However, A-Rod's lawyer, David Cornwell has said they will likely appeal a ban.

MLB reportedly is looking to to implement a lifetime ban on A-Rod. Another option, according to the Daily News report, is for MLB to suspend A-Rod for 200 games, which could in effect end the 38-year-old's career. A-Rod is reportedly negotiating with MLB to try to avoid a lifetime ban. If A-Rod were to accept a 200 game suspension, he can still earn the remaining $60 million in his contract from the Yankees. However, if A-Rod is banned from the game for life, he doesn't get paid.

MLB fans may finally get to find out what MLB has in store for Rodriguez today. However, this also could just end up being the beginning of the Alex Rodriguez saga.

Photo Credit: Getty Images