Could medical marijuana be coming to New York?  A number of states like New Jersey have legalized medical marijuana, but New York has yet to approve the legal use of medical marijuana. New York State Senator Diane Savino joined WOR's John Gambling to discuss a bill being introduced to legalize medical marijuana for use with some illnesses.

Many people are concerned that if medical marijuana becomes legal, the next step will be the legalization of marijuana for everyone. However, Savino argued that she has no plans to completely decriminalize marijuana. "My goal is not to decriminalize marijuana for personal use," Savino told John.

John asked Savino why, if medical marijuana is legalized, pharmacies such as CVS can’t just distribute the drug like any other prescribed medication? Savino put the blame on the federal government. "The federal government continues to treat it (marijuana) as an illegal substance," Savino explained. "It would be so much easier if we could do that, but we can't." You can listen to Savino's interview on "The John Gambling Show" below. Do you feel New York State should join New Jersey and legalize medical marijuana?

Photo: Gordon Swanson/Shutterstock