A WOR 710 listener called into the "Mark Simone Show" Wednesday to defend SUV driver Alexian Lien, who was chased down and beaten by a group of bikers after hitting at least one of them on the West Side Highway. The story has taken hold of the headlines in NYC as new details continue to emerge as to what exactly lead up to the now viral video (below) showing part of the incident.

"Susan from Manhattan" claims to have called 911 earlier that day when she saw a group of 30 or so bikers on the Grand Central Parkway driving dangerously. Susan told Simone that she was driving to LaGuardia around 12:30pm when she was frightened by the sound of the motorcycles driving behind her car.

Susan goes on to claim that one of the bikers started driving in the opposite direction on the Grand Central Parkway while other bikers were popping wheelies. Listen to Susan's call on "The Mark Simone Show" below.

Photo Credit: YouTube