(Yahoo!) - She may have been dubbed the new Rebecca Black, but 12-year-old YouTube sensation Alison Gold and her "Chinese Food" video aren't without a few detractors.

The clip has gained significant attention — 8 million views and counting — but some feel it has racist undertones. "omg! Insider" sat down with the viral star and asked how she feels about all the negative comments.

"I don't really understand what that's all about," she said. "I mean, I'm not trying to criticize anyone — I just really love Chinese food!"

As for the haters? "The haters are going to hate. I really don't care."

While the little fortune cookie did admit she's not allowed to read all the bad press, her producer Patrice Wilson, who is also the man behind Rebecca Black's "Friday," has seen it, and surprisingly, he doesn't seem to mind either.

"With the whole racist thing, I would say haters are going to keep on hating and it's their problem," he said. "They're going to keep on thinking that way."