Judy Torres
Here I am, entering my 13th year as a member of the KTU family! Wow, has it really been 13 years? I have seen amazing things happen here! I've met countless celebrities such as Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, John Leguizamo, and was given the privilege of singing Endless Love with Lionel Richie on air! And just last summer, I met Pitbull, aye, que chulo (wow - how cute!) I've performed for every KTU Beatstock, Freestyle Free For All and much, much more. I've had the thrill of hearing my freestyle songs play on air here, and most recently had my single, Faithfully, go #1!!

I came to KTU as a recording artist, knowing nothing about being an on-air personality, and thanks to the staff's dedication, I now feel this is a real career for me as well as recording. I've done great things, and I've made some mistakes such as forgetting to turn off my microphone, lol, but you, the listener, have always forgiven me, and laughed along. You have taught me here, that all you want to hear is good music, and you want to feel like you know me. Each Sunday I work towards accomplishing just that! I am so proud to be here! I hope I keep learning, growing. And I hope you'll join me each Sunday from 4pm-8pm as I play the best feel good music for you that I know KTU has to offer! I really love it here! And I love you too!