Electronic DJ, Zedd sits down and talks with Bartel about his Good Morning America performance, artist collabs, favorite cities.

Zedd's Good Morning America experience,

"It was great I've never ever played a show that early and I didn't expect that many people to wake up early to see me play. It was amazing, beautiful weather, amazing crowd!"

As a Grammy winner Zedd has had the opportunity of working with many artist such as Ariana Grande, Hayley Williams and Ellie Goulding. Still he has a bunch of other artists he wants to collab with saying

"There's plenty of artists I'd love to work with Muse, I'd love to do a song with  Adele. I grew up listening to a lot of bands so there's many many bands I would love to work with and see what would happen if you kind of mixed bands and electronic music."

Bartel asks Zedd about his favorite cities and Zedd says he loves L.A., San Fran and Chicago. He explains that he doesn't really get to see most of the cities he's been to because he's usually in and out.

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