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I enjoy watching the Duggars on TLC because their family dynamic is so fascinating. I mean a woman who can birth 19 children (and counting) is really extraordinary. Having two children (adopted) of my own, I find that watching the show gives me tips on good ways to raise kind human beings who not only find comfort in a higher power, but respect their planet, family and community. So I mean no disrespect when I ask the question, "Are the Dugger's people hoarders?" After 19 children one would think that thats enough, but to add one more seems a bit addictive to the idea of procreating. You have to give them credit though for believing in the 'ol saying "Whats one more?" I mean if they can afford to take care of that many children emotionally and financially then what's the problem? I still stand by my saying though, "they are people hoarders" and I mean it in the kindest of ways. I will watch the new season. Will you? 

Cheers to the Duggers!