Lauren Graham Swears Her Coffee Cup On Gilmore Girls Is Never Empty

Lauren Graham has been pretty busy lately. Between starring in the Netflix revival of the beloved Gilmore Girls and releasing her first book "Talking As Fast As I Can", the actress has been popping up on all our favorite talk shows. She stopped by The Late Show on Thursday to talk to host Stephen Colbert about a very important issue. After staying mum since Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life dropped last week, Graham is finally opening up about THAT controversy. 

No, we're not talking about the mythical "final four words" (although- OMG, right?). We're talking about something MUCH more scandalous than Rory's dramatic, last second reveal. Graham has come forward to officially inform disgruntled fans that, despite popular belief, she and her co star Alexis Bledel use full cups of coffee while filming their scenes.  

The Late Show host brought a tweet to the Gilmore girl's attention that read "Is it just me or is the way they hold their coffee cups in first episode of Gilmore Girls super annoying because they're empty and physics?"


Graham was outraged, declaring that "there is always coffee in my cup." The actress agreed, though, that watching actors use empty props is one of her pet peeves. To put the controversy to rest, Graham demonstrated how to hold and drink a full coffee cup in the quirky style of Lorelei Gilmore. 

Graham was kind enough to clear up one more question about the world of the Gilmore Girls. When asked by Colbert where, exactly, Stars Hollow is located, Graham confirmed it's right where you thought it was, revealing "Stars Hollow is half way between New Haven and our imagination."



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