Milo Ventimiglia Is Pretending He's Not Team Jess

There are few subjects more hotly debated than which of Rory Gilmore's 3 love interests should be endgame. There is one wrong answer (Dean), an acceptable second choice (Logan), and Rory's true soul mate (Jess). Not that we have an opinion about this subject or anything....

Milo Ventimiglia, the actor behind the brooding but kind hearted Jess Mariano, revealed in a conversation with Interview Magazine that he isn't the captain of Team Jess. Ventimiglia admitted he gets asked what "team" he's on all the time and his answer is Team Rory. "I was always interested more in what does she want to be for herself? What is she going to achieve for herself?" He said in his interview. "It isn't reliant on the guy that she "ends up with." It was one of those things that I never really thought about in great detail, other than what she was going to do in the world of literature or business or anything else that she excelled in. [That] was much more interesting to me."

Even though Ventimiglia insisted that he is NOT Team Jess, he did speculate about an alternate reality where teenage Rory had accepted teenage Jess' proposal to run away to California. "Jess gave Rory a couple opportunities to go with him. But it was also young love; it was not the most thought-through plan. I wonder if Rory had gone with Jess to the West Coast, would they still be together today? Would it be different? Who knows? It didn't happen." Um, YES, they would be totally in love and living their best life on the beach somewhere. Maybe they would have taken up surfing. 

Rory and Jess' story was left pretty open ended by the close of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. With one romantic, longing glance from Jess, fans of the literary heartthrob were begging for more episodes ASAP. While Ventimiglia didn't outright confirm or deny whether we'd get to see another chapter of this love story, he left fans with hope by saying "any good storytelling lends itself to closing a chapter, but also knowing that there's a few more volumes beyond that to dream off of. Amy and Dan really crafted a story that gives the satisfaction of a closing, but people are also still going to want more. It's not quite like sugar, where if you eat more you want more. It's more like you found a coin on the beach and you wonder if there's buried treasure underneath."

Please, please let there be more buried treasure underneath! We need more Rory and Jess in our lives. 

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