Two Friends Arrested For Attempting To Spend The Night In Ikea

Two friends were arrested for attempting to spend the night in an Ikea closet. Things went south when they decided to livestream their ~*~quirky adventure~*~ on Yi Zhi Bo and 8,000 people tuned in. It took security guards about 10 minutes to find them. Kind of a let down, right?!

The Beijing man, Xiao Zhao, and his unidentified female friend continued to stream even after getting found by security guards, according to Mashable. They were able to keep the stream live for about an hour, even while they were in police custody. The police demanded Zhao delete the live stream, which means it's unfortunately unable to be viewed.

Ikea is taking this prank very seriously and says it will heighten security to prevent more people from sleeping in their closets. 


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