Kendall Jenner + Tyler The Creator Took Over Vogue

Kendall Jenner took over the Vogue set with her BFFs Tyler, The Creator, Travis "Taco" Bennett, Aramis Hudson, Na-Kel Smith, Ryder McLaughlin, and Tucker Tripp. Lucky for us, they documented the whole thing. We get to see all the high fashion outfits Kendall gets to rock at her shoots, as well as what bringing an iconic magazine like Vogue to life is really like. Well, it's probably not always as fun this. The gang brought skate boards and hover boards to set, and even got to eat a huge, delicious meal. 

One of the highlights of the video, though, is hearing what Tyler had to say about Kendall. "I'm honored to be here because I kind of only see [Kendall] as a friend and I always look past whatever accolades or however you guys see her, but being in this environment and seeing how serious and professional and how she kills it...I took a step back and was like Oh, shit, this is tight that I could be a part of this moment that everyone loves her for." Kendall, standing by his side as spoke so highly of her, had a big grin on her face. 

Can they be in Vogue every month?! Let's call up Anna Wintour and ask....

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