Lakeith Stanfield Trolled Everyone At The Critics' Choice Awards

Actor Lakeith Stanfield hopped up on stage last night to accept the Best Comedy Series on behalf of HBO's Silicon Valley. "I want to thank everybody for honoring us in this way." He said to his audience of peers. "We worked very hard on Silicon Valley, and here we are. Thank you."

The only problem is that Lakeith Stanfield is not on Silicon Valley. He's stars on FX's new show Atlanta, which was also nominated for the award. Tom Lassally, the executive producer of Sillicon Valley, was beat to the mic and stood by watching while Lakeith Stanfield made his remarks. 


Leslie Mann and Christian Slater, who were presenting the award, watched with amused expressions on their faces. The audience cut away, though, is the most hilarious part (Yes, that's Jonah from Veep from the epic jaw drop) when they realize they're all being trolled.  After thanking everyone for Silicon Valley's win, Stanfield just exited the stage without another word. Lassally then took the mic, announcing "I have no idea who that is."


Stanfield took to Twitter on Monday to comment on the situation. "Woke up dehydrated and in the news," he wrote in one tweet. He then hilariously followed up with "I thought I was actually in Silicon Valley for a second tho." Can Stanfield troll EVERY awards show, please?!


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