Harry Styles Is Dominating The Dunkirk Hashtag On Twitter

The first trailer for director Christopher Nolan's World War II epic "Dunkirk" dropped yesterday. While the film certainly looks impressive, many Twitter users only had their eyes on one thing. Former One Direction member Harry Styles is making is acting debut as a solider caught in the middle of the Battle of Dunkirk. This film seems to be a serious career step for Styles, who looks to be rebranding himself from teen heartthrob to serious thesbian. 

We don't get to see TOO much of the singer-turned-actor in the short trailer, however, his fans liked what they did get to see.  Understandably, the internet basically exploded shortly after the trailer premiered and Harry Styles is completely dominating the Dunkirk conversation on Twitter. His fans praised Styles for his skills, of course, but mostly they just want to save him from drowning.



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