Listen To Emma Watson Sing As Belle From Beauty And The Beast

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We're getting closer to the release of the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. How do we know this? Well, Disney has been releasing more sneak previews of their new film. First, they debuted a brand new, full length trailer last week. Now they have officially confirmed where you can hear Emma Watson sing the beloved song "Something There" from the original film. Up until this point, Disney had not teased ANY of the actress' vocal abilities. This is Watson's first musical, too, so fans weren't sure what to expect. A singing Belle doll hit shelves in toy stores and it contains real audio of Watson singing from the movie!

— There's something sweet, and almost kind 🌹// more of Emma singing 😍😍😍 @EmmaWatson #EmmaWatson #BeautyAndTheBeast . Remember the audio was recorded from the new live-action Belle doll so it's not perfect quality 😊 . audio via @amfrozr

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As the post above points out, it's not perfect audio. It's been recorded (presumably) on a cell phone and then posted online. Even though it's grainy, Watson sounds like SUCH a princess. This is only one small snippet from a single song, so there's still A LOT more to come. We can't wait to hear her try out the big opening number 'Belle' where she walks through her small town on the way to the book store. 

New live-action singing Belle has been spotted in stores #beautyandthebeast #batb #beourguest #taleasoldastime #disney #emmawatson #danstevens #lukeevans #joshgad #ewanmcgregor #emmathompson #ianmckellen #stanleytucci #gugumbatharaw #kevinkline #hattiemorahan #billcondon #beautyandthebeast2017 .... Repost from @toycollector6202: Omg!!!!!! This is the first look of the live action Beauty and the Beast Belle doll!!!!! And she sings!!!!! Found this pic from @disneyfancollector @disneyeverafter_aprillilly #dollphotogallery #dollstagram #dollphotography #belle #beautyandthebeast #liveaction #omg #yasss #singingdoll #toycollector6202

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Hear (and see!) Emma Watson belt out these magical Disney tunes on March, 17th 2017. It's almost here!



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