Jennifer Lawrence Would Prefer Solitary Confinement To One On One Interviews

The oh-so-candid Jennifer Lawrence stopped by the set of Chelsea Handler's talk show Chelsea to, basically, vent about work. The 26-year-old actress has been on a long press tour promoting her most recent film Passengers, which is romance meets sci-fi adventure co-starring Chris Pratt. The movie didn't do as well as many expected it too, especially because Pratt and Lawrence are considered to be two of Hollywood's most relatable stars. Lawrence continued her bid for most down to Earth blockbuster actress on Chelsea by doing what we all do and complaining about work. 

"I normally try to give myself four months [between projects] and then in those four months I'm like 'I'm so bored!'" Lawrence said of balancing her busy work schedule with her personal life. "And then I start working and I'm like 'I can't do this! I feel like everybody's trying to put me in a mental hospital!" The work doesn't stop for Lawrence, though, after filming on a movie wraps. Because she's such a popular figure, she's often sent out on long winded press tours to promote her movies. Lawrence has to talk about herself non-stop on these tours, which she told Handler she does not like. In fact, the actress revealed she would prefer solitary confinement to one-on-one interviews. "Not you," Lawrence quickly added so as not to offend Handler. 

Handler didn't seem to take any offense to her guest's comments, though, adding that it's "hard to talk about yourself a lot. That's the problem." On the flip side, Lawrence hilariously pointed out, it's annoying when people don't want to talk about you all the time. "I come home and they don't want to talk about me and that's what I get mad about it," she said with a laugh. "It's time I look in at myself. Just how bad I really am."

It will be interesting to see how the internet reacts to Lawrence's comments on Chelsea. While there are troves of people who are obsessed with all things Lawrence, the actress has definitely learned that with much popularity comes much controversy. She's landed herself in hot water a few times over this press tour for her candor and humor during interviews. Twitter went crazy after she told a story about scratching her butt on sacred rocks in Hawaii while filming Passengers. The actress ended up apologizing for her comments in a rare post on her Facebook account. 

Lawrence ended her interview with something literally everybody can agree on, though, by revealing the moment she knew she made it was when Paul Rudd told her he thought they would always be friends. "When people look back and wonder what happened...when she changed...when it all got will be right here, this moment." Lawrence said of the moment with Rudd. "Because I have always looked at Paul Rudd and thought we would be friends." Same, JLaw, same. 

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