WATCH: Disney's New Year's Eve Fireworks Were Magical

There are probably TONS of people out there who dream of being in Disney's Magic Kingdom on New Year's Eve to see the legendary fireworks. If you're one of those people, you're in lucky. Disney World just happens to be in the business of making dreams come true, so they released a video of the Fantasy in the Sky New Year's Eve fireworks show. Watching this ~*~magical~*~ fireworks on your computer is almost as good as the real thing. 


The celebration was (obviously) held at Cinderella's castle. While we're sure most guests tried to get in to Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks up close and personal, you didn't even need to be on Main Street, U.S.A to see them. They were seriously so impressive that they could be seen throughout the Disney World resort. Some of the camera shots in the video released by Disney Parks are from some seriously long distances. 


Okay, let's ALL meet in Disney next year to see these fireworks. We're willing to bet Fantasy in the Sky will be even bigger and better in 2017!


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