Emma Stone's Reaction To That Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds Kiss is Priceless

One of the most viral moments from Sunday night's Golden Globes was when Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield locked lips. As Ryan Gosling marched up to the stage to accept his award for Best Actor in a Movie, Musical or Comedy for La La Land, his two pals decided to steal the spotlight. Reynolds and Garfield can bee seen kissing in the background of the show. The internet, and Blake Lively, thought it was absolutely hysterical.


In a post show interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone got to see what went down during the show. Stone famously dated Garfield for four years after meeting on the set of The Amazing Spiderman. Her reaction to seeing her ex kiss Reynolds is seriously priceless. "They did not kiss each other!" She said, before starting to crack up. "They did!" You can check out clip of her reaction below.


Stone and Garfield have remained pretty good friends since splitting up, so we wouldn't be surprised if she sent him a text about his hilarious prank. 


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