This is What Hannah Horvath Was Writing in the New Girls Trailer

The sixth and final season of Girls premieres on February 12th and TBH we're not sure if we're not sure if we're ready to say goodbye. The first full length trailer for the last season of the show that made Lena Dunham a household name dropped on Sunday. It was titled "Write the Final Chapter" and shows Hannah Horvath once again passionately pursuing a writing career. We see her in an interview for a job at a magazine, as well as furiously typing away on her laptop. The screen briefly flashes to what she's writing, but quickly changes before being able to actually read what it says. We took a screen grab of the text and it looks Hannah is finally working through her feelings about her BFF Jessa and ex boyfriend Adam getting together behind her back. 

Besides seeing Hannah picking up with writing again, the trailer showed some quick glimpses of the rest of the gang. Marnie is caught between her husband, Desi, and her affair with Ray. Shoshanna is still trying to make it as a successful business woman, while Jessa is still confused about why everybody is mad at her. Hint: it's because of all the Adam drama. 

It doesn't look like our favorite girls have figured it all out, but their journey looks just as fun, odd, and entertaining as ever. We can't wait to see what they get up to in the upcoming season. 

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