Jason Sudeikis Spilled The Beans On That White House Party

Jason Sudeikis and his wife Olivia Wilde were able to score an invitation the last White House party thrown by the Obamas. While we knew that the party was a star studded event, we didn't get to see many pictures from inside the party because there was a no cell phone / camera policy in place. Sudeikis stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday, though, and he's spilling the beans on the last Obama White House bash

It turns out the party was Sudeikis' first time visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and he described his freshman experience as "amazing." The professional funnyman almost didn't make it in, though, because one of the guard dogs thought he had a funny smell. In case you didn't know, security for the White House is pretty tight. 

Sudeikis said it was actually pretty nice to spend an evening without his phone. "Olivia and I put our phones in a lunch bag and they just rolled it up like Mom used to do," he described. "Then we write in sharpie, our last name and then hand it in to some lady...sure enough it came back." Sudeikis and Wilde are the parents of two adorable children, Otis and newborn baby girl Daisy, so that was one downside to checking his phone. He wanted to show off pictures of his kids, but ultimately wasn't able to do that. Thank goodness Wilde likes posting adorable photos of their family on her Instagram account. 

They definitely kept their babysitter busy the night of the Obama's final party. Sudeikis revealed that they rolled out of the party at 4:30a.m. like he used to do at the Saturday Night Live after parties. There's nothing like partying with the President of the United States until the sun comes up. 

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