Kim Kardashian's Paris Driver Was Just Arrested in Connection to Her Robbery

The news that 17 arrests were recently made in connection with Kim Kardashian's armed robber in Paris broke yesterday. Today, though, it has been revealed that one of the people arrested was her Parisian driver.  Le Monde, a French newspaper, is reporting that the driver worked for a company that the Kardashian family was very familiar with and used often while visiting Paris. According to Le Monde, he was the last person to drive the reality star prior to her harrowing experience on Oct. 3rd. It's not clear if he was directly involved with the robbery, however, police are investigating whether or not he might have given away information about Kim's 20 carat diamond ring.


This must be difficult for Kim knowing that somebody her family put their trust into might have sold her out. We hope, though, that the news of these arrests bring her some relief. According to Marie Claire, the arrests were made after DNA evidence was found on a piece of duct tape. The DNA sample was able to identify one of the five men who robbed Kim at gunpoint in Paris. French police also believe they may be able to get the ring, which was a gift from Kanye West, back to Kim when this is all over. 


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