Uber Just Got Easier Thanks to Google

Google added a new feature to the maps app that will hopefully make it a little bit easier to find a cab. The tech company has added a taxi tab to its maps for services like Lyft and Uber, according to The New Web. This new feature will show where local  taxi drivers in your area on Google Maps in real time.

The updated Google Maps will also show users "the full breadth of ride options via carousel, instead of just the standard and carpool options." This will definitely help everybody looking for a ride decide what their best option is, whether it's Uber, Lyft, or a regular, yellow cab. 

The New Web is also reporting that further integration between Google and Uber might on the horizon. If they continue to work together, you might be able to order your Uber from Google Maps without ever actually opening the Uber app. 

These new updates are available on iOS and android starting Thursday, Jan. 12th! 

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