Man Finds Year-Old Lottery Ticket & Wins $1Million

An Oregon man has a million reasons to love snow days. While a snowstorm kept Joemel Panisa hunkered down inside his house, he decided to use the time to clean up his home office. 

While looking through his desk drawers, he stumbled upon a lottery ticket he had purchased a year ago and forgotten about. He went online to check the numbers and was shocked to see that he had an exact match. He had no idea that for the past year, he was sitting on a 1 million jackpot. 

It turns out he found the ticket just in the nick of time. He had eight days before it was set to expire. But Panisa didn't want to wait another minute. He immediately turned in his ticket and became an instant millionaire.

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Man Builds Machine That Knits Socks For The Homeless

88-year-old Bob Rutherford is making a huge impact on the lives of the homeless this winter by knitting them socks. But he’s not just sitting on a sofa with knitting needles and making the socks by hand. Instead, he’s using a knitting machine that he built – and is creating the socks by the thousands. 

At first, Bob was inspired by his friends who doubted he could make a cheap knitting machine that could knit quickly – so he worked to prove them wrong. He built two machines, and these contraptions have manufactured over 10,000 pairs of wool socks, which he has donated to homeless shelters in Saskatoon, Canada. 

He calls his mission "Socks by Bob" and boasts that the machines can knit as fast as 90 stitches a second. And as much as the socks help others, Bob admits that the project is also helping him, because it has given him – and his friends who help –new purpose.

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