Principal Shaves Head After Bald Boy Gets Bullied

An 11-year-old boy named Jackson wanted to be strong for his cancer-stricken grandfather, so he decided to shave his own head.   But when he went in for school on Monday, people made fun of him.  

"Some of his friends came up to him and asked, 'Hey, do you have cancer?' or 'Hey, baldy,'" Hadley said.  That night, Jackson's mom called principal Tim Hadley to voice her concerns.   The school principal, Hadley had an idea, and told Jackson to bring his clippers to school the next day. 

On Tuesday, Hadley called a staff meeting and decided to hold an impromptu assembly. Then, Jackson was called to the front of the room and handed the clippers.  

The students erupted into cheers as Jackson shaved his own principal’s head.  “I expect more from our students. I expect support and for us to be there for one another,” said Principal Hadley. “Cause you know, we need each other at the end of the day.” We applause the amazing Principal Hadley!! 

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A couple weeks ago, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr broke his leg in a game, which ended his season. But, believe it or not, something good came out of this injury, as Derek was able to help authorities find a missing child. 

You see, if Derek – who’s a father of two himself – had been healthy, he would have most likely been playing in a game over the weekend. But because he was home, he had time to resend a message he saw on Twitter about a missing Oakland toddler to a whopping 247,000 people who follow him. 

Sure enough. One Twitter user saw the message and called 911 after seeing a car matching the description, leading to police finding the child safe. 

aDerek is expected to be back on the field next season – and hopes to continue helping others along his road to recovery.

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