Brother's Become Dad's On The Same Day

Two Illinois brothers recently became fathers on the exact same day and proved once again that they do everything together. Jose and Ivan Favela both welcomed sons last Sunday at the same hospital and in neighboring rooms. Their boys were also delivered by the same doctor. The babies weren't even due on the same day, but that didn't stop them from arriving at the same time.  This came as no surprise to the brothers or their family because it's not the first time they've shared life's biggest milestones.  They each announced their wedding engagements on the same day and even married their wives in a joint ceremony

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Driver stops car to save choking man ignored by other motorists  

A Good Samaritan has been captured on dashcam rushing to save the life of a man found choking by the side of a US road.  Former American Ninja Warrior contestant Pavel Fesyuk was driving in Rochester, New York last week when he saw a man “hunched over” by the boot of his car.  Noticing that no one was coming to the man’s aid, Mr Fesyuk approached the man, patting the man on the back.  

He realized the man was in fact choking, Mr Fesyuk immediately seized and lifted him into the air to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre.  Mr Fesyuk, who works as an exterminator, has credited his mixed martial artist training for making the rescue possible.

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