Everything You Need To Know About The NYC March

After it was announced that there would be a Women's march in Washington D.C. on Saturday, there has been plans to have them in cities all around the country. The point of these march's is to send a positive message to the local, domestic and international community that the administration's job is to report to the people who elected them.

The one here in Manhattan will start at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at 11am. The March begins at noon but there will be a rally beforehand. 

According to the March RSVP's there is expected to be 50,000 people in attendance, but they say there will likely be over 100,000.

Street Closures:  

NYC DOT has also released this weekend's road closures, so if you're trying to dodge the march traffic, make sure to avoid the streets below.   

Formation: West 47th Street between 1st Avenue and 3rd Avenue (Dag Hammarskjold Plaza)

Route: 2nd Avenue between 47th Street and 42nd Street (West Side 42nd Street between 2nd Avenue and 5th Avenue (North Side) 5th Avenue between West 42nd Street and West 57th Street (East Side)  

Dispersal: 55th Street between 6th Avenue and Madison Avenue The following streets will be closed Saturday 21 from noon to 4pm.

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