NYPD Rescues Adorable Kitten Trapped In Car Engine

Two NYPD officers rescued a tiny black and white kitten trapped under a car’s hood in the Bronx over the weekend. Officers Deluca and McKenna of the 52nd precinct in Norwood were able to rescue the frightened little kitty from the vehicle.  

“Engine blocks are warm, he probably crawled in there to get out of the cold,” a police spokesman said.  

Cops posted a picture of the kitten on Twitter later in the evening — from inside a well-heated police station — saying he was “doing fine” following the rescue.

Shoutout to Officer Deluca and McKenna and the 52nd precinct!!

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Disabled Dogs Getting Ready For This Year’s Puppy Bowl

The Super Bowl will be played in less than two weeks, which means we’re also counting down to the Puppy Bowl, which – in case you didn’t know – is the show on the Animal Planet cable channel that features puppies playing football. 

Well this year, the Puppy Bowl will be extra special because it will feature three disabled dogs, including a hearing- and sight-impaired Australian shepherd, a hearing-impaired English pointer, and a terrier born with three legs. 

These special players will be frolicking and playing with more than 80 teammates from 34 U.S. shelters and rescue groups that were brought to New York for the taping of the game. 

The two teams of puppies – named Fluff and Ruff – will be cheered on by six rescue rabbits and five guinea pig cheerleaders. And, of course, the show will air on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th.

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