8-Year-Old Gives Lego Money To Classmate Struggling With Cancer

8-Year-Old Gives Lego Money To Classmate Struggling With Cancer

A second-grade Florida student (in Bradenton) knows the meaning of putting others first. For months, 8-year-old Jeffrey Holz has been saving up for the Lego set he’s always wanted. With a $100 price tag, it wasn’t easy. He saved birthday money and Christmas money, and earned money from cleaning and working at a cafe at church. By the middle of January, Jeffrey was just $12 short of his goal. Then he learned about a senior at his school who’s been fighting cancer, and decided he had a new plan for his hard-earned cash: donate it to the 17-year-old student.


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Family Adopts Micro Pig …That Grows To 650 Pounds  

The Jenkins family of Campbellville, Canada, thought they adopted a micro pig, which is a special breed that grows to be anywhere between 50 and 150 pounds. Someone goofed. Esther the Wonder Pig grew to be a full-sized 650-pound hog. The Jenkins continued to care for Esther, making the most of a surprising situation. Esther is now a part of the family and has a social media following on Facebook, where she educates people about animal welfare issues and puts smiles on their faces. Thanks to Esther’s big personality and a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, the family now lives on a 50-acre farm outside of Toronto with more than 40 animals. They call it the “Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary.”



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