Firefighter Adopts Baby He Delivered In An Emergency

Firefighter Adopts Baby He Delivered In An Emergency

A firefighter in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, got more than he bargained for when he had to deliver a baby during an emergency call.

Marc Hadden safely delivered baby Grace when it was clear there was no time for him to get the mother to the hospital.

And then, as an added twist, Marc and his wife, Beth, ended up adopting Grace – and brought her home just 48 hours later.

It was an impulse decision, for sure, but a great one for everyone involved as Marc and Beth were unable to have any more children after their two sons, and Grace’s mother knew she would not be able to care for a baby herself.

 Upon hearing the news of the addition to the family, friends and family were so touched that they pitched in money to extend the house to add on a room for Grace.

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Man Gives His Jacket To A Freezing Stray Dog In The Snow

A security camera in the city of Giresun, Turkey, captured something amazing recently – and that video footage went viral.

The camera captured a city employee approaching a stray dog, giving that dog some food – and then giving the dog the jacket he was wearing.

When the man – named Bülent – was tracked down, he explained that it was freezing and if he didn’t do something to help the dog, he would have felt guilty about it.

 The video was so heartwarming that the mayor of Giresun called Bülent into his office to award him with a special certificate.

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