8-Year-Old North Carolina Girl Pays For Elderly Couple’s Dinner

Hospital Worker Donates Kidney To Dying Boy

When 16-year-old Noah Mikel was born, he was diagnosed with an illness that would gradually shut down his kidneys. This finally happened eight years ago, which means Noah has spent the last eight years on the transplant list.

Because Noah needed a living donor, his father Lee did all he could to find his son a kidney, including starting a Facebook group. Then, out of the blue, a stranger stepped up to make a huge sacrifice.

The surprise donor was Jane Forbes, who happens to be a social worker at Indiana University Health.

Amazingly, Jane didn’t single out Noah for the donation. She just decided to offer her kidney to anyone who needed it – and let the authorities figure out where it should go.

That kidney ended up saving Noah’s life.

Jane says meeting Noah for the first time was “the most raw and intense emotion” and called the experience “a gift.”

 Now with a fully functioning kidney, Noah and his family are looking forward to his second chance at life and are excited to see him be a normal kid again, which means doing whatever he wants to do and eating whatever he wants to eat.

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8-year-old North Carolina girl pays for elderly couple’s dinner

Eight-year-old Mylie Brothers saw an elderly couple last week struggling to get out of their car before they were seated inside Tony’s Pizza.

The husband had to pull his wife out of the car and then help her walk into the restaurant. Once inside, they misjudged the seat and the wife fell on the floor.

After seeing all of this happen, Mylie wanted to do something nice for them, so she paid for the couple’s meal and wrote them a handwritten note, which said, “Hope you have a nice dinner.” Mylie, who’s only in second grade, used her own money to pay for the couple’s meal.

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