Strangers Give Bride Early Wedding So Dad With Cancer Can Walk Her Down the Aisle

A few weeks ago, Alyssa Kamm learned that her dad was diagnosed with cancer.

She was engaged to be married and it looked more and more like Karl would have trouble walking her down the aisle. So, Alyssa took the bold step of rescheduling her wedding.

This, of course, was an expensive decision, but luckily plenty of strangers stepped up with donations and help in order to help her make it happen. Companies helped her with the food, music, tuxedos, and pictures – among many other things.

Their fast action and generosity helped Alyssa fulfill her dream. Karl was able to walk down the aisle without a walker.

Alyssa said that her dad has always been a superhero to her and that she’s always been a daddy’s girl.

 And, now that she’s married, she’s excited to see her dad recover and be at full strength in time to play with any grandchildren that might come along.

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