Pit Bull Rescued From "Crack House" Becomes FDNY Firehouse Dog

Animal rescuers Erica Mahnken and her fiance, Michael Favor found an abandoned Pit Bull from a 'crack house' in Staten Island. The dog was malnourished and covered in cigarette burns. UGH! Horrible! Hero's Erica and Michael didn't have anywhere to take the dog so they called up the Lower East Side FDNY, FORT PITT and asked if they would welcome the dog, at least temporarily. They used to house a Rottweiler, so they knew the firehouse was dog friendly! A few days later the firehouse called up Erica and Michael and told them they wanted to permanently adopt the dog, who they renamed from Ashley to ASH! He is now the official Firehouse dog. She has such an amazing life now thanks to her rescuers and the FDNY!!



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