$800,000 Sculpture Damaged by Selfie Taker

Sometimes doing it for the Insta comes at hefty price. And by hefty price, we mean $800,000 to be exact. A tourist visiting the Hirshborn Museum in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to take in the new Yayoi Kusama installation called Infinity Mirrored Room - All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins had a very expensive accident. While attempting to take a selfie with the pumpkin sculptures, the visitor tripped onto one of them and completely shattered it. 

It's actually not TOO surprising that a selfie related incident would occure in one Yayoi Kusama's art installations. One of the major draws of her work is that it has great #selfieaesthetic. Kusama uses mirrored walls to create "a series of endless reflections," according to W Magazine. Many people visit these famous installations with the sole purpose of getting a dope Instagram. 

The installation features "narrow walkways, transparent barriers, and plenty of darkness," which definitely made it a bit easier for selfie taking visitors to trip and fall. Also, the set up doesn't allow security or museum personnel into the exhibit with the guests. Only 3 - 4 people are allowed inside at one time, so no officials were on hand when the accident occurred. Nobody from the museum or Kusama's camp have confirmed how much monetary damage was down, but Artnet News reports that Kusama pieces sell around $800,000. 

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