Adorable Polar Bear Cub Takes First Steps, Everyone Dies from Cuteness

There's nothing like watching an adorable baby polar bear take it's first steps to start your day off right. A 14-week-old baby bear decided it was time to get up on her feet at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, Germany. It was pretty much perfect timing, too, as it happened right around International Polar Bear Day. Yes, that's a real thing. 

The sweet baby cub has yet to be named, but she already has a shining personality. According to The Telegraph, she's known to wander off on her own when her mama Giovanna isn't looking. She also likes to wiggle around excitedly and dance when people come to see her at the zoo. So that just leaves us one question....when we can go to Germany to visit this lil cutie?!

The Zookeepers said the polar bear cub was “wobbly on her feet, but full of enthusiasm,”  when she took her first steps. She can only get better, and cuter, with time! 

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