Oprah is Considering Running for President

Fans of Oprah have been begging her to run for President of the United States for years.  Everybody knows that Oprah loves to make her fans happy (usually by giving away amazing gifts), she has always categorically denied this possibility. Just last month, Newsday asked her again if she would consider running. She gave her usual, steadfast no, telling Newsday it's "not my thing."

Something must have changed for Oprah between then and now, though, because she was singing a different tune when she sat down for an interview with Bloomberg. "I actually never considered the question even a possibility," she said after she was asked once again about running for office. "I thought 'Oh gee, I don't have the experience. I don't know enough.' Now I'm thinking..'Oh'."


Can you imagine President of the United States Oprah Winfery?!? She'd be giving out tax breaks like they were an item from Oprah's Favorite things from the White House doorstep, probably. You get a tax break! You get tax break! YOU GET A TAX BREAK! See you in 2020, Oprah! 


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