Would You Ever Wear Your Sunglasses Like This?

Fashion month has come and gone and we're trying to absorb all the amazing clothes put on display. There are always new trends and styling tricks popping up during all the runway shows. One particular trend has some people scratching their heads. Designers like Michael Kors and Alessandro Michele for Gucci sent their models down the runway with their sunglasses situated OVER their hair. That's right, models were basically tucking their hair under their glasses instead of putting them on underneath the hair. 


Marie Claire points out that the interesting styling choice might have some "latent beauty benefits." While the look aims to make a person look like they're too cool about how their hair and sunglasses look, it actually takes effort to perfect the styling tactic. It can help you create a "sculpting effect" because having more hair out in front of your ear can make reportedly make your face look slimmer. What do you think of this new trend? Is it silly or fabulous?


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