Jason Derulo Talks Rihanna, Swalla, and His New Hair

Jason Derulo stopped by to talk with Cubby and Carolina about his new music, as well as have a little fun. The 27-year-old Derulo released his latest track, Swalla, which features Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $sign. He explained the meaning behind the song, saying the title is actually pronounced swal-lah. It's a combination of swallow and wallah. The song is about "a special drink," so you swallah it.  Derulo revealed he wanted to spell it the way it's pronounced, however, he discovered that's also the name of a prayer so he changed the spelling. The new spelling apparently has many people mispronouncing the title, but Derulo says he's come to terms with it. 

Despite that, though, the power of Swalla is undeniable. It's a song both Cubby and Carolina loved on it's first listen, which isn't surprising considering Derulo's ability to put out hit song after hit song. When Derulo asked what the key to making these amazing tracks is, he said "it's just making people feel something." His path to making something his fans love is to keep creating until something special happens, revealing he records about 300 songs for one album. It's difficult for him to choose which songs will be put on the final cut of his albums. Maybe he can just release all 300?!?

The Swalla singer also talked about Rihanna's infamous flask at the Grammys. He told Cubby and Carolina that he didn't quite understand the hype around Riri's bedazzled flask. "They were serving drinks," Derulo said with a laugh. "It's not like you can't have drinks and she was hiding a drink. I had a vodka soda, but I just had it in a glass." Vodka soda is Derulo's drink of choice, calling it "super crispy, super manly, and super straight to the point." Just because vodka soda is his go to drink, though, doesn't mean Derulo is one to turn down a shot of fireball when it's offered to him. Cubby and Carolina shared a shot with Derulo, who gave the toast: "May we live as long as we want, and never want as long as we live."

There's nothing but big things ahead for Jason Derulo. Not only is Swalla out now, he was recently named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30. As if that wasn't impressive enough on it's own, he's the first Haitian man to be put on the list. This year is already off to an amazing start and we can't wait to see what he does next. 

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