This Bride-To-Be Made A Wedding Dress Out Of 200 Taco Bell Wrappers

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A bride-to-be named Diane Nguyen took her love for Taco Bell to a whole new level. She made her wedding dress out of unused Taco Bell wrappers! Taco Bell was running a contest called "Love and Tacos"  which sends one lucky couple to get married at a Taco Bell in Las Vegas. We are rooting for Diane and her fiance!!!!

Day #2 for voting is upon us!! Here is a better look at the #wrapperdress for the #loveandtacoscontest! Spread the word! Like, share, tweet, reddit, tattoo a link on your forehead...Let's win it together!! :) (Link also in bio)

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It’s time to spill the beans. We have been engaged for 4 years, and together for 10. Taco Bell has been there through the years, from the after school runs, to late meals after work (or a night of partying). Our love for each other is as cheesy as a quesadilla. We’re nachos getting married, it’s going to be a Las Vegas tacover. Lettuce celebrate our love at the Taco Bell Chapel in Vegas, cuz we are ready to guac and roll. #loveandtacoscontest #tacobelle #burritodress #iloveyou Link in the bio!!

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