Poachers Kill Rhino for Prized Horn At Paris Zoo

A rhinoceros  was shot and killed inside the Thoiry Zoo in Paris. Authorities said the Rhino, named Vince, was shot in the head three ties by poachers before they used a chain saw to remove his prized horn. The Associated Press is reporting that the zookeepers found Vince's body in his enclosure the next morning. Police are investigating the horrendous crime, but no arrests have been made as of Tuesday. 

While African rhinos are under constant threat from poachers in the wild, it's shocking that now they aren't even safe in wildlife facilities. A rhino's horn can be sold for a reported $42,000 on the black market, which makes them prime targets for poachers. They are killed for their horns, which are used in traditional Asian medicine. It is believed that they can cure a variety of ailments from hangovers to cancer, according to NBC News. 

Rest in peace, Vince the Rhino. 

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