VIDEO: Man Saves Elderly Woman From Oncoming NJ Transit Train

An elderly woman was crossing the street over some railroad tracks in Saddlebrook, NJ when a train started coming. She walked with two canes and was not moving very fast, in fact she was moving so slow there was no way she was going to make it across the tracks before the train came. A man who was stopped at the crossing in his car saw this happening and hopped out of the car and ran to save her! He made it just in the nick of time. He picked her up and took her off the tracks. Thank god for this man! Dash cam footage caught the whole thing, watch it below!

Listen to today's episode of Feel Good News below!

Hotel Guest Saves Boy's Life

A Pennsylvania man who jumped into a hotel pool to rescue a drowning boy is being hailed a hero, especially because he himself could not swim.

A mother was sitting poolside at the New Jersey hotel with her companion and five kids when one of the children started struggling to stay above water. Neither the mother nor the companion knew how to swim, so they ran to the front desk to get help.

Randolph Tajada-Perez was checking in to the hotel at the time and heard the commotion. He dropped his bags, ran to the pool and, despite not knowing how to swim, jumped in.

After a few failed attempts to pull the boy to the side of pool, he finally grabbed hold of him and pulled him out.

 The 9-year-old boy received CPR and is reportedly in stable condition. Meanwhile, his life-saver has earned the nickname "Hero Guest."

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