Steph Curry Helping Donate 20,000 Shoes To Kids In Africa

Stephen Curry is the reigning MVP of the NBA, and he’s using his super-stardom to help put shoes on the feet of disadvantaged kids around the world.

Curry recently made an appearance at Liberty University in Virginia, where his brother Seth attended college, to help support the “Kick’n It” foundation’s effort to donate 20,000 pairs of shoes to children in the Republic of Congo.

There’s a big problem in that country as diseases get transferred from the ground through bare feet.

 So, Stephen Curry is asking everyone to donate “lightly used” shoes to the program, which will help people both stay healthy and walk in comfort


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Now You Can Drink Beer to Save Beaches Worldwide

Due to the high demand for sand in pharmaceuticals, construction, and engineering, two thirds of beaches worldwide are dramatically receding.

Thankfully, you can now have a beer in order to save sandy sanctuaries.

New Zealand-based company, DB Breweries, is encouraging their customers to drink beer in order to save beaches.

Why? Because they have constructed a machine that grinds empty beer bottles into pristine glass sand. All you have to do is place your finished beer bottle into the machine –instead of the recycling bin – and watch as their previously-used glass turns into one cup of pure sand.



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