School Warning: What Parents Need To Know About The 'Eraser Challenge'

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A new fad among middle school and high school students has parents and teachers extremely worried. It's called the eraser challenge and it's starting to get out of hand. Kids are rubbing an eraser across their skin while having to do or say something and it's causing serious burns. What they have to say or do varies but in one version they have to say the alphabet while they rub the eraser on their skin. Erasers are VERY unsanitary and this could cause a serious infection. If you see these marks on your kids skin it's VERY important to talk to them about it!

Parents! Do your children have any burn marks? The latest internet challenge is the "Eraser Challenge." Kids are rubbing...

Posted by East Iredell Middle School on Friday, March 3, 2017

In this edition of stupid things 6th graders talk each other into: The Eraser Challenge. The result: permanent scars. This made me very sad, but satisfied as the boy told me how badly his arm hurt many days later and how he would never try anything like that again. #6thgrade #kidstrystupidthings #eraserchallenge #ifeelsadforhim #missmillersworld

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