VIDEO: Professor Robert Kelly & Wife Address BBC interview

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Professor Robert Kelly and his family are the stars of probably the biggest viral video of the year so far. Last week he was on BBC giving a very serious Skype interview from his home office when his kids barged in and his wife had to save the day! The encounter was so adorable that it went viral. The family is speaking out about the incident from their perspective and how it went down!

The interrupted interview - take two

Professor Robert Kelly reacts to that interview. This time, the family is supposed to be on camera. 😬 #BBCDad The full interview:

Posted by BBC News on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

South Korea expert Prof. #RobertKelly rejoined the BBC for another #SkypeInterview today (March 14), and this time, his WIFE and children, were meant to be in the shot lol. 🎬😄 The Professor and his wife Jung-a Kim and daughter Marion and son James, sat w/ James Menendez to talk about their now viral clip. Jung-a expressed that she was not bothered by people thinking she was a nanny, because she definitely is not, and Robert confirmed the fact that he WAS wearing trousers and not pajama bottom (which many felt was the reason he did not get up to deal w/ the children). Whilst the educator and his family and friends saw the "comedic value" of the video, his main concern was that his relationship with the #BBC was finished. During the interview, Marion and James gave almost a similar display of what made them famous - I mean, children not sitting still, who's ever had THAT problem...amirite? lol

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Here's the original video that went viral!

El vídeo viral del Profesor Robert Kelly daba una seria entrevista a BBC News acerca de Corea del Sur🤛🏻. Sin embargo, sus hijos decidieron que la tensión de la entrevista debía bajar un poco, así que irrumpieron en la oficina del profesor👋🏻. Entonces, mientras él trataba de apartar a la primera niña, el otro de sus retoños llegó corriendo en su andadera para también salir en cámara💙. Al final, la esposa de Robert, Jung-a Kim, aparece corriendo desesperadamente para sacar a los niños del salón, mientras en el fondo se escuchan los gritos y lloriqueos📸. #BBCnews #BBC #RobertKelly

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