7-Year-Old Saving Money For College By Running A Recycling Business

Ryan Hickman was just three-and-a-half years old when he visited a recycling center and liked what he saw. He immediately told his father that he was going to start a new business, picking up cans and bottles from everyone in the neighborhood.

Now 7 years old, Ryan has done just that. He’s the CEO, manager, and employee of Ryan's Recycling Company.

He has 50 customers and has recycled over 200,000 bottles and cans, which has helped him earn and save over 11,000.

The money is currently earning interest in a college savings account, but Ryan is considering buying a full-size trash truck and eventually becoming a garbage man.

 Ryan certainly appreciates the money he’s earning, but he also feels good about the work he’s doing because it is helping the planet, as well as the animals who are harmed by garbage that makes its way into the oceans.


An enterprising 8-year-old girl named Stella Carlson is putting her jewelry-making skills to good use by designing and creating necklaces and bracelets – and selling them.

She purchased the tools and raw materials to make the items and is now turning a profit, much of which she’s donating to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.

Stella squeezes jewelry-making into her busy schedule and says her everyday life inspires her designs.

 She stays motivated to work hard and raise more money for the charity because, as she says, “It makes me happy to think of animals and them being happy."

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