Pilot Donates Life-Saving Kidney To Flight Attendant

A flight attendant will be free to move about the cabin for a long time thanks to a pilot who had a kidney to spare.

38-year-old Jenny Stansel, an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, landed in the hospital a year ago with kidney failure and was immediately put on dialysis. She was told she would need a kidney transplant and should get to work on trying to find a donor.

So she sent out a company-wide email looking for anyone who might be a match and much to her shock and surprise, pilot Jodi Harskamp happened to be a perfect match.

Harskamp says, "When I learned that Jenny needed help, I was surprised because when we’ve worked together, she always seemed so outgoing and energetic. I had no idea that she was so sick. When I heard that she needed a donor, I thought, 'Why not? I’ll get tested.'"

 The transplant was successfully performed last week and both women are recovering in the hospital. Harskamp adds, "You can’t take your organs with you when you die, and if you sign up as a living donor, you’ll have the reward of watching someone live a happy, fruitful life."

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